Let me start with a disclaimer: Anything read here should be considered very “amateurish” as I am as green as can be when it comes to technical analysis. This blog is more a tool for me than for anyone else at this point. I am not trying to teach anything, I am brain dumping so I can refer to is later.

Today, ZICA and BLJ cought my attention. They both look they could be potential candidates.

BLJ is my current favorite. The long term trend is up, the BOP is turning positive and I am the Elder’s Force Index crossed below zero recently. We seem about to get a buy from the Stochastics indicator. I am watching it through the open, waiting for it to cross over 1.21.

ZICA‘s long term trend is a lot less attractive. But on the short term, we could get a quick climb up to 1.55, asssuming it breaks 1.21 early morning.

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