Where’s Waldo?

I realize my last post was quite a while ago and I probably lost quite a few readers but I guess I will have to live with that. I have been incredibly swamped by work, making trading part-time a real challenge. I have been trying to stay on top of the game still but I am getting killed by the market still.

So basically I am being extra careful and slowing down, reducing my sizes until I can get back in the zone. Right now, I am still going forward and upgrading my system based on new input. But for the last 2 months it has been really really hard. I am about to go back to my notes for Jun-Jul-Aug to see what I was doing different or how different the market was that made those three months a lot easier than Oct-Nov-Dec.

I guess I am like a beginning swimmer. I am okay to survive in calmer waters but I start swallowing water as soon as it gets too choppy.

I have yet to finalize ‘The Plan’. Parameters are still changing very fast and I’m learning from all aspects at the same time: learning about the market, learning about the date and the indictators, learning about the tools, etc. It gets a little tricky when every piece is moving at the same time. Like doing filling-up and doing a tire rotation going 60mph down the highway.

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