Another one hits the stop. Again, I have a lot less positions open than I would like but my day job is keeping me busy which leaves me less time to follow my setups.

But overall, I am happy to finaly have a system that does not drain my account if it does not get constant attention. It make a lot less money than it could make but it doesn’t drain me either.

I like those trailing stops I have now and I like them very tight. Hitting a stop use to be somewhat of a negative event. With very wide stops, it usualy meant losing money. With my stops very close and moved in the direction of the trade every day, it locks in the profit and, like today, still leaves me with in the green instead and hitting me with a loss. I may be missing out on the biggest rally CHD will every see but atleast, that profit is in my pocket now and protected from the biggest drop CHD has ever seen.

Type Sym Date-in Price-in Date-out Price-out R-Mult
CHD 08/30/2006 37.87 09/13/2006 38.50 1.46