Thought organization with MindManager Pro 6

Happy friday! Away from the market a bit and into the tools department. I have been using MindManager Pro 6 from Mindjet for about 3 weeks now and I find it has really increased my productivity.

For those of who don’t know, I am big fan of the GTD approach from David Allen and I found that using MindManager was a great way to capture brain dumps on a specific project. I was using flat files before this but MindManager makes the process a lot easier. I can now dump my ideas in a complete random fashion, as they pop into my head, and organize them in a neat map later. For example, here is a map I used to store my trading related research info (this is sample only, I may another map to actually share the research info later):

MindManager Pro 6 Screenshot
But it is not only for business or professional information. Sometimes it’s the little things nagging at me that I try to get rid of. For example, here is a map I created in 2 minutes to clear my head all the things related to my 4 year old’s birthday party:
MindManager Pro 6 Screenshot
Some of the items of the map are hyperlinks to webpages where found information or links to emails that where exchanged about the party. I now keep MindManager open about 90% of the time. Since Internet Explorer, Excel, Word and Outlook now have a MindManager toolbar, it makes exchanging information really easy. If I am browsing for cake recipes and I find one I like, I hit the MindMap button and a link is created in the current map. If I reading emails in Outlook and one comes about a specific project, I can click the MindMap button and a link to this email is created in my current map.

Overall, MindManager is a great way to collect and organize thoughts about a number of things. It gets two thumbs up from me.

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  1. Good post. I was on a WebEx David did the other day about this product and it looked promising. I’ve been using Pyramid on my Mac to do mind maps for a while but it seems a bit less feature rich than this although Eric Mack had a post about it being a memory hog. I’m also a GTD fan and always enjoy a good post on the subject.

  2. I was on the same WebEx. I think MindMananager looks very promising.

    The only thing that could become a hurdle is not having installed broadly enough. For example, if I am the only using it in my company or my professional circle, I cannot share my maps with anyone in native format. It is still usefull but not *as* useful as if everyone has a copy.

    I enjoyed your blog btw, I’ll keep it on my radar.

  3. Interesting post. I’ve known this technique as “mind mapping” and used it often as a MBA student. Occasionally i use the technique when I am brainstorming. Nice to read its application in trading. Like the blog too. Contact me please if you would like access to our sample alerts in banner form for you site (all in realtime) Best, D

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