RSH in The Onion

Sometimes, The Onion is so close to reality it’s scary. Like in this nice piece about RadioShack (NYSE:RSH). Yet, as counter intuitive as it may sound, the stock appear to be holding up. I do see signs of the trend weakening and when it reverses, we may see RSH featured on Wallstrap, or Wallstrip‘s sister show for not so hot trends and all time lows…
For now, it appears as if the cuts made by the somewhat new management have paid off. The news is somewhat positive on RSH and the price is climbing right now:

RSH from 04/25/2007

The trend has recently started slowing down and although several consecutive down days is sometimes a good time jump in an uptrend, this trend’s validity worries me a bit. Seems like sooner or later, people will realize that cuts can only help in the short-term and that to survive this decade, RadioShack needs to somehow reinvent itself once again.

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