RADS – in @ 14.92

RADS – in @14.92

Friday, August 17, 2007

5:46 PM

Hats off goes to the good people at http://www.stocktiger.com for the tip. RADS triggered early today, around 10am. I miss the first triggered and when I noticed it, it was down. I waited for the impulse to turn again and picked it up around noon at 14.92. In finished the day at 16.10 with a nice run up.


This choppy market is horrible for swing traders who hold for a couple of days. RADS could very easily give it all back over the weekend. But I am trying anyway.




Screen clipping taken: 8/17/2007, 5:46 PM



Here is a look at the daily chart for RADS. It really broke out of the range late July, after having retested the 14.00 level in early May and early June.


The price broke out today on positive news.



Screen clipping taken: 8/17/2007, 5:50 PM



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