Long UVV

I have no positions in UVV yet but I am considering it as a long. It popped on my Candidates list this morning and I thought it was a nice chart. First the big picture:

From this BigChart, we see a wide 10pts base. The price stayed in that 45-55 range from August 2007 up until early February. At that last up swing, it broke right through the 55 resistance and reach levels from a year ago.
On the candlestick chart:

Based on several factors (the size of the base, the ADX/DMI indicator and the size of the pullback), I still consider UVV in a pullback only which means the trend should resume shortly. A good to play this stock would be an entry above the open 2 days ago (around 66 for 4/3) with a safe up move to last resistance levels (68). At that level, keep the stops a lot tighter and watch for another reversal but ride it until the next pullback.

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