Limit sell-off

Market dipped below several of my stops. Since I re-adjust my stops every moning, they end-up pretty high when the rises like it did last week. I usually have a sell-off on limit orders following, specialy when the market open down like it did this morning. I am still trying to figure out if this is the behavior I want or not. It may limit some gains but it does really good at limiting my losses which I like.

Off course, the two shorts I had tried following my last post where closed with a loss, once again proving my need to improve on reading charts for short setups.

Type Sym Date/Price In Date/Price Out R-Mult
LPSN 10/04/2006@5.47 10/09/2006@5.50 0.09R
MEDX 10/04/2006@10.81 10/09/2006@11.44 1.56R
JRC 10/05/2006@5.72 10/09/2006@5.76 -1.70R
EPEX 10/05/2006@16.06 10/09/2006@16.71 -3.59R

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