HOG, Harley-Davidson Inc

Like on Wallstrip, today I look at HOG, the ticker for Harley-Davidson Inc.

This should be a somewhat simple review of the chart though. Lets look at about a year of daily data.

HOG from 10/30/06

First, I own no HOG and have no plans of getting in. The chart does reveal a nice uptrend which started mid-June. The MACD and the OBV lines confirm the trend. The growth has been careful, never pulling far away from the MA13 line or the trend line. I see no sign of real weakness in the trend at the moment and nothing points to an imminent reversal so I would consider getting long here even if it is a little late in the trend. Finding an entry would probably just consist of making sure I get in somewhere between the trend line and the MA13 line. I would hate to get in just to see the price pullback to safety.

So overall attractive for a long but watch out for reversals as this is not a recent trend.

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