Follow up on LTD

I just recently realized a lot of my posts are for longer swing positions which sometimes require several weeks to setup and not quick day trades. To be a little more thorough, I will try to post follow-ups on the same symbols a couple of weeks after I mention them the first time. The first follow-up will be for LTD, a Wallstrip symbol I wrote about a month ago.

Looking at the chart now, I noticed my fear did of a breakdown did not materialize and the primary uptrend I had traced for 2006 has resumed. The weekly impulse has just turned green after the December 2006 correction, so we are permitted trading long on LTD.

The daily chart also shows the correction in December of 06 but right now, the price recovered and is in line with the trend line. The price is also right around the EMA and the impulse is blue which also permit trading long. This could actually be a good entry for LTD.

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