Exits on 11/02/2006

Well it has been a very very bad month and I am getting badly beaten up by the market. I am taking a breather for the rest of the week (today and tomorrow) to try and start fresh on Monday. I am learning a thing or two about my system though:

  • I have lost over 20R in October and gained almost nothing (about 2 1/4 R).
  • my win ratio is down below 40% but my average wins in $ is still double my average loss which helps.
  • so even though picking winners has been a complete failure, risk management has prevented me from going down in flames.

I guess that’s why STOP-LOSS is an appropriate title for this blog. Speaking of which, another title hit the limit today:

Type Sym Date/Price In Date/Price Out R-Mult
TSN 10/30/2006@14.54 11/02/2006@14.22 -0.19R

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