Currently tracking and Upcoming vacation

I unwound a bunch of positions I was paper trading and kept the bare minimum in my watch list. For now, I am tracking the symbols from the table below. Most of these where picked up on the triple-screen setup I mentioned earlier.

Symbol Last Trade Change Volume
KOSP 1:09PM ET 44.45 Up 0.08 Up 0.18% 328,418
KCI 1:04PM ET 27.77 Down 0.09 Down 0.32% 313,700
CEO 12:59PM ET 89.78 Up 0.18 Up 0.20% 89,100
SCVL 1:07PM ET 20.62 Down 0.23 Down 1.10% 43,122
TUG 1:03PM ET 21.94 Up 0.14 Up 0.64% 21,600
DWA 1:03PM ET 20.35 Down 0.25 Down 1.21% 79,900

I will be gone on vacation for a week so I will resume my activities on August 21th. On my return, I plan on trying to compare various triple-screens. After the Force Index, I plan on trying a setup using Elder-Ray. On the 21st, I will have only a few days left of TeleChart trial so I have to act quick. Still no news from the good folks at Reuters concerning MetaStock.

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