Closed a few more paper trades

I just closed 4 more paper trades and I re-evaluated my current results. My PnL has just turned green which made me happy. My winning probabiliy is at 44% by my W/L ratio is at 1.23. Using the Kelly Criterion I get K% = 1.21 meaning I should not currently commit more than 1% of my capital in one equity. So in the current conditions, I would need a failry large amount of capital to make money with limited risk. I will try to improve this in the coming weeks.

My ability to paper trade will be limited shortly because my trial to Worden’s TC expires in a couple of days and I am not ready to start paying the subscription yet (I am somewhat stuck in a catch 22). I am not sure what I will do yet as I have some more PCFs and indicators to build. I could probably try to use something cheaper for the moment.

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