A Jing Test

This is a test of Jing (a project of TechSmith). I always find it a lot of work to snapshot and annotate the charts and upload them somewhere to be posted in a blog or a journal later. I think I would journal a lot more if I could do it faster. I am testing Jing to see if it could make my life easier. Here is a snapshot of the RSH chart for today:

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I’m not sure this will work for me. For one, the default saves a link but it’s a link to a formatted page, NOT a plain image, so it would work in a blog. It’s only good if you want to give out a link and NOT embed an image.

Seems like you can only use TechSmith’s screencast which will be a paid service. You cannot use Jing to upload automagically to your own server.

Too bad, it was promising. I will keep looking though I will update if I find a good solution.

Happy Trading!

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