Day: August 21, 2007


links for 2007-08-21

Pre-Market: Stock Trading Before the Markets Open from CNNMoney (tags: finance investing stockmarket aaapremarket) Morning News Bulletin A good morning read with the first coffee. (tags: finance investing stockmarket aaapremarket)

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My Journal

In response to a post from Craig at, yes I try to keep a journal. Or should I say I keep all the information that should belong in a journal. But I have yet to find the perfect solution to all my needs. Here is an overview of my needs: Keep watch-lists, with charts […]

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Candidates for 08/21/2007

Here is the list of my candidates for today. I will not trade all of those but will start watching them for short-term reversals. Date Sym L/S Close MA(200) Vol MA(100) Reason 20070820 ABXA 6.94 6.84445 466778.96 1 20070820 BQI 4.21 3.842725 2832533.07 1 20070820 ELN 17.2 15.9547 5121419.96 1 20070820 NATI 31.14 29.38035 397914.84 […]

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