Day: August 25, 2006


Worth reading

This is worth reading today: StockTickr has an interview with Brian Shannon from AlphaTrends. Dr. Steenbarger has an interesting post on the Market Blogosphere.  

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Shortlist for August 25th 2006

I am testing something new this morning. I reversed some of my PCFs and I am looking for short candidates. Looking at PCF outputs and charts, I came up with the following list: Date Sym Trigger 8/25/2006 PPP 44.01 8/25/2006 PHM 27.92 8/25/2006 ABMD 12.63 8/25/2006 NCC 35.22 8/25/2006 GSK 53.85 8/25/2006 IMA 30.95 Once […]

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