Day: February 28, 2008


links for 2008-02-28

Trading on Target, Trader’s Coach, traders coach, Adrienne Toghraie Adrienne Toghraie is a trader’s coach. I have not read any of her material but I signed up for her newsletter and will be looking to get my hands on some of her books soon. (tags: trading tradercoach coach)

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Candidates for 02/28/2008

Here is the list of my candidates for today. I will not trade all of those but will start watching them for short-term reversals. Date Sym L/S Close MA(200) Vol MA(100) Reason 20080227 ACOR 21.96 20.02 423722 1 20080227 JASO 15.9 15.23 9097904 1 20080227 MA 191.19 169.23 3897692 1 ACOR,JASO,MA 1. 5 Consecutive down […]

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