Day: February 13, 2008


links for 2008-02-13

Unplugged: Unplugged Forbes Editor in Tears After Two Days Awesome piece from the Today Show about the addiction to computers, blackberries and cell phones. Forbes magaging editor Dennis Kneale tried to go unplugged for a week. Thanks Lifehacker for bringing this to my attention. (tags: meda addiction computers cellphones)

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CEF another good “dip trip”

My trades are not always good, far from it. I am still a serious student when it comes to the market. But sometimes I get success, not only because I made money on the trades but because I followed my plan and it paid off. Sometimes, I get very happy getting stopped out of my […]

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Candidates for 02/13/2008

Here is the list of my candidates for today. I will not trade all of those but will start watching them for short-term reversals. Date Sym L/S Close MA(200) Vol MA(100) Reason 20080212 GEOY 31.04 25.92 367553 1 20080212 TDC 21.75 -1.00 1464519 1, 2, 3, 4 20080212 VTA 14.86 -1.00 414347 1, 2 GEOY,TDC,VTA […]

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