Day: September 1, 2007


Candidates for 09/04/2007

Here is the list of my candidates for today. I will not trade all of those but will start watching them for short-term reversals. Date Sym L/S Close MA(200) Vol MA(100) Reason 20070831 MCK 57.21 56.8432 1994472.23 1, 2 20070831 NXTM 12.42 11.8963245 264919.36 1 MCK,NXTM 1. 5 Consecutive down days. 2. Volume is 30% […]

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AT In @ 68.29

My entry was at 68.29, a little too high for today. Signal pretty good on chart. Just broke past recent high. We had a recent downtrend which seems to have formed a double-bottom. Past few days had the price in range around the previous support/resistance levels and it seems we finally broke out. We will […]

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